Can I Afford This?

One of the most common misconceptions in our line of business is that no one will ever be able to afford a service like ours. We are here to break down that barrier and prove that if trauma occurs, there are options and it WILL get cleaned up. We will put together a tailored plan of action specific to each client to meet their needs. Steri-Clean will never take advantage of a situation when people are full of shock and grief.

Read on to find out three main ways of breaking down how to pay for a crime scene/trauma clean up:

  1. Pocketbook

Like any type of service, you can pay straight out of your own pocketbook. If you choose
this payment option, we will work with you to figure out how we can work within your budget and then proceed with an action plan. Every client is different, so we never treat the same situation the same. Something that might work for Client A might completely fail for Client B. We listen and treat every client with respect during a very difficult and emotional time.

  1. Insurance

Most people are not aware that crime scene cleanup services are typically covered by homeowners, commercial and automobile insurance policies. Many states offer financial assistance for crime scene cleanup as well as other services grieving families may need, such as counseling, funeral costs, home security and more.

Steri-Clean is responsible for communication with the client’s insurance agent. We’ve had countless encounters with insurance agents who were so relieved to have our services be affordable and have it cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

  1. Victims Compensation Assistance Program

This program will help offset the costs of the unfortunate events that may have occurred. They are committed to helping ease victims’ financial burdens and assist with other needs. Studies have shown that family members who cleanup their loved ones after a death, specifically a suicide, are 75% more likely to commit suicide themselves.

Further exposing yourself or loved ones to additional trauma is heartbreaking and can be overcome with the right tools. Victims Compensation Services will also provide the necessary tools for getting professional care once the cleaning has been done. Utilizing professional services will ensure the home and mental wellbeing is restored again.

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