September 7, 2016

Biohazard Services

When a biohazard is present in a home, school or business, there can be no shortcuts taken during the cleanup process for the protection of the individual(s) performing the cleanup and all others who will be using the facility in the future.  Bacteria and viruses will survive on any surfaces affected by human/animal bodily fluids or feces for a significant amount of time – some up to 90 days.  Failure to properly dispose of affected materials and apply disinfectants in accordance with EPA standards can pose significant risk to others.  Steri-Clean Crime Cleaners is considered the gold standard in the industry for the methods and materials that we use during highly challenging cleaning situations.

Our offices throughout the state of Pennsylvania are locally owned to provide 24 hours service to residents and businesses in our communities.  Caring for the people involved is the highest priority of our technicians. Out of respect for your privacy, we will arrive in unmarked, discreet vehicles.  The scope of the work and associated costs will be clear and easy to understand.  If appropriate, we will work with your insurance company for approval and billing for services.  The work that we perform will be completed to your satisfaction and will strictly adhere to all federal/state regulations and EPA standards.  A Safe to Occupy Certification can be provided after the completion of work for your residence, school or business.