August 15, 2017

Decontamination Services

Animal Waste Cleanup

Animal waste from the family pet(s) can destroy a home if avoided for extended periods of time and not cleaned up properly. In many cases, animal feces have saturated an area so severely that the carpet and sometimes padding and subfloor will have to be removed. Wooden subfloors will need, at a minimum, to be cleaned, disinfected and sealed to prevent the stains and odor from returning. The full extent of damage cannot be known until the areas are inspected. Cat urine can penetrate deep into the structure of a home, making it extremely difficult to remove the smell.

Odor Removal

Crime Scene Steri-Clean utilizes commercial ozone generators and specialized foggers to remove organic odors. After the source of the odor is removed, ozone generators are placed into the residence or automobile to penetrate the entire space. Ozone not only destroys the odor molecules, but kills airborne bacteria as well. While in operation, an ozone machine also effectively removes odor from furniture, clothing and other personal belongings. Foggers with a specialized solution can also penetrate deep into surfaces to track down the odor molecules and destroy them. The result is a clean, safe and fresh environment.

Rodent Droppings Cleanup

(Rats, Mice, Pigeons, Bats, Cockroaches)

Steri-Clean specializes in the removal and disinfection of areas affected by pigeons, rats, mice, cockroaches and other rodents and/or insects that cause unwarranted disruptions. There are many diseases that are found in animal droppings through direct contact or by breathing the air in contaminated environments.

A professional company offering rodent clean up services can quickly and effectively remove all droppings and any dead rodents, and thoroughly disinfecting the involved areas. An animal’s scent can remain in an area even after extermination. To completely clear the smell, the areas must be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sealed to prevent an ongoing infestation.

Superbug Cleanup

A superbug is a strain of bacteria that are resistant to most antibiotics commonly used today. Viruses and bacteria can live two or more hours on surfaces like cafeteria tables, doorknobs, and desks. Frequent handwashing will help reduce the chance of contamination from these common surfaces. Resistant bacteria that cause MRSA and C-Diff are just a few of the most common superbugs.

A professional cleaning service can properly disinfect decontaminated areas and restore the area to a safe environment.


MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
A bacterium that causes infections in various parts of the body. The symptoms of MRSA depend on where a person is infected. It typically causes mild infections on the skin, causing pimples or boils but it can also cause more serious skin infections or infect surgical wounds, bloodstream, lungs, or the urinary tract.


C-Diff (Clostridium Difficile)
Clostridium difficile, often called “C. diff,” is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly appearing in older adults and typically occurs after the use of antibiotic medications. C-diff affects about 500,000 Americans a year, contributing to 15,000 to 20,000 deaths.

Teargas / Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

Fingerprint dust is made up of a black graphite powder that requires a complex cleaning treatment. Steri-Clean has developed techniques and chemicals to properly remove and neutralize fingerprint dust as well as other substances investigators use. (I.e. Luminol)

Steri-Clean has developed techniques and procedures to allow tear gas cleanup to move quickly and effectively. A tear gas neutralizer breaks down the tear gas which is imperative for the cleanup process.


Tear gas is developed to disperse and stick to surfaces. After the initial dispersion, the tear gas settles on all horizontal surfaces. The oily residue must be removed from all areas of the home including walls, countertops, floors, and contents. If any area is left untreated, it will continue to off-gas, causing irritation in the eyes, nose and respiratory tract.


Tear gas is fired out of a gun in a canister shaped like a small torpedo. When the canister hits a structure, it releases a fine oily mist that penetrates all areas of a room. Tear gas usually leaves pink or yellow paint on walls and other surfaces where the canisters have ruptured. Once the tear gas has penetrated into a wall, the drywall must be removed.